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Closing The Art Space Gallery Premises

2015/2016 has been a great year for us at The Art Space. 2017 promises to be no different. For almost a year and a half, we have opened our doors to an ever changing crowd of people who are increasingly becoming interested in art. We have held: • 12 shows (translating to roughly a new show

5 Galleries in Nairobi You Have to Visit

The Art Space This young gallery just turned one year old. The Art Space has already held nine exhibitions, and created a wonderful space for artists and art lovers to convene, exchange ideas, and gush about art and all it’s possibilities. Located off Riverside Drive near the Australian High
jeff lamp

The Kadhalika Lamps (

"The Kadhalika lamp installation, which was part of the Graphic Overtures exhibition at The Art Space, is an example of Jeff Muthondu Maina’s ability to fuse his knowledge of tech and design to create what he describes as ‘engineered functional art’. A front-end developer, Jeff co-founded Waabeh,