“Ni Ya Leo” exhibition details unique perspective of Kenya’s open air market. (Afroway)

“The exhibition that opened in November 26, 2016 brings together Kinuthia’s recent vibrant works. In ‘Ni ya Leo’, Kinuthia’s work looks at what one comes across while wandering through most Kenyan open air markets. He buries these memories on canvas bringing out the emotions and details that to some onlookers, may escape their eyes and mind. From the mother who is mentoring her daughter into the ‘Family Business’ to the ‘Bei ya Jioni’ Kinuthia delves into the insecurities mothers have that they have to tag their teenaged daughters along into the business and the rush hour to make a quick buck before sundown. In ‘Chagua’ he looks at the authority buyers have in selecting the items and grocery that appeal to their eyes and pockets alike.” Read the full article here.

Wambui Kamiru

Wambui is the founder of The Art Space and drives the vision for the space.

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