Artist Talk: Patrick Kinuthia talks about “Ni Ya Leo”


About the Artist
Patrick Kinuthia describes himself as a semi-expressionist painter, investigating colour and energy, light and form. His artistic journey started at a young age at his home in Gachie, Kiambu. Here, the work of American Realist Norman Rockwell, inspired the young Kinuthia to start painting with dust and water on paper. He would later study design at the Kenya Polytechnic University and work for a time as a graphic designer, before quitting and becoming a full-time artist.

His career has seen Kinuthia exhibit work at numerous locations both locally and internationally, from Nairobi to Lamu, to the Netherlands, Australia and Ireland. He has also taken on many major commissions for clients including the President of the Republic of Kenya: Uhuru Kenyatta, the Bank of America, and the United Nations.

“Ni Ya Leo” is a collection of the most recent works by Patrick Kinuthia, showcasing his exploration of a range of subjects in his signature style. In “Ni Ya Leo,” Kinuthia brings together works that vary in their content, incorporating moments of person to person interaction in bustling spaces, intimate portraits, and delicate, richly rendered windows to the outside world. He explores the breadth of the world around him in vivid colour.

Patrick Kinuthia has established himself as an artist with an eye for the subtleties of colour, the play of light and dark on form and deceptively effortless brushwork. His facility with composition has through the years, yielded work comprised of keenly observed, impressionistic depictions of people, objects and their surroundings.

Wambui Kamiru

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