Cube254: Jeffie Magina talks about Art and Money

Finance has sometimes been seen to be complicated to and this is no different to creatives. Jeffie Magina leads a conversation about learning to handle financial issues. In this talk he will discuss:

1. Money

a. Its financial philosophy

b. Theories: Precautionary, Speculative and Transactive

2. Accounting : Basic knowledge

a. Budgeting

b. Forecasting

c. Review on expenses and income

3. Finance

a. Introduction to Finance

b. Long term and short term financing and investing

c. Raising Finance

d. Venture Capitalism

4. The “Starving Artist” Mentality

a. Interactive session


About Jeffie Magina
Jeffie G. Magina is a full time visual artist based at the GoDown Art Centre. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Strathmore University with a double major in accounting and finance. He also holds a Certified Public Accountant (CPA K) qualification.
Having worked for 5 years in the corporate industry as a company accountant, Jeffie has acquired first hand financial knowledge from fund managers, investment managers, bankers and key players in the financial industry. His knowledge on finance and accounting is vast and he shares this financial knowledge with the creative industry.

Wambui Kamiru

Wambui is the founder of The Art Space and drives the vision for the space.

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